Fearless Wanderlust v.32 – January 2018

January 30, 2018

How was your January? Have you already taken a trip? My monthly Fearless Wanderlust posts are meant to keep you informed about travel news and give you inspiration for your next trip. I’m passionate about exploring the world and I hope whether your next adventure is 10 miles away or 1000 miles away, it makes you feel fearless! Happy travels in 2018!

The Ugly Tourist
I’ve been a fan of Rick Steves for years. He has created must-have guidebooks and is not afraid to tell it as it is. I am all for ‘you do you’ when it comes to travel, but I also cringe reading the examples in this article. I think travel is much more than the iconic attractions and checking a country or sight off a list. (Ahem, what my parents do.) The culture, people, food, and politics all tie in to make a place special. When we force our experience, expectations, and perceptions of a country into the mold of what we know and experience of our home country, we will surely end up with disappointment. Let a country surprise you, and travel with an open mind and open heart. Don’t be ugly.

Best Affordable Boutique Hotels in the U.S. 
I love beautiful boutique hotels, and it’s the cherry on top of a great trip if I can afford it. Here’s a list of nine boutique hotels in the U.S. Can I live in the hotel in Chicago?!!

Most Popular Attraction of Every Country
How accurate do you think this map is? I’m glad Central Park is the most popular in the U.S. I would have considered Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty as popular attractions too. What do you think?

Change in Admission Fee
The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will now require admission fees. Their “pay as you wish” will continue for New Yorkers, but all non-NY residents will need to pay $25. Those unhappy with the change argue this will keep underprivileged from the arts.

When Sharks Attack
On November 30th last year, a diver died from an unprovoked shark attack in Costa Rica. I think this is an interesting article about the incident. There’s so much to talk about here, and I’m not sure there is a right or wrong answer. Divers know the risk when they get in the water, and they can essentially be entering a predator’s territory, especially when the area is known for sharks. You never know what you’ll encounter underwater, and the ocean is vast. Surprisingly, this incident doesn’t make me scared to jump back in the water. I trust my training, my dive guides, and the fact that only a handful of underwater creatures are truly out to get you, like great white sharks.

Game of Thrones Hotel in Finland
This ice hotel with Game of Thrones paraphernalia is for serious fans!

International vs. Domestic
This infographic shows the top cities for international visitors and domestic visitors. Of course, the number one destination for international visitors is New York City while for domestic visitors is Orlando. I’m a little surprised by a few of the other cities on the list.

Are you a twin?
Growing up in the days of Mary-Kate and Ashley, I always wished I were a twin! Well, if you are a twin, this festival is for you. So many double-takes here! From what I’ve read, dressing exactly alike with your twin is a must-do.

Zipline the Grand Canyon
It was a matter of time before this became available. A zipline is now open at the Grand Canyon. It includes two separate runs and 3,500 total feet where you can go as fast as 50 miles per hour for about $89. (Though I’m pretty sure other ziplines can’t compare to ziplining in Costa Rica.)

25 Shipping Containers = Beautiful Hotel
This hotel in Chile will give you heart eyes. Winebox Valparaiso is an incredible structure of 25 shipping containers turned into a hotel and wine bar. See a video tour here. Also, see more photos on Instagram.

Italy – Need Your Recs!
We are thinking about doing a big trip to Italy this year, and I’m a little overwhelmed with seeing as much as possible in two short weeks. There are so many great cities and things to see in Italy. We definitely want to do Rome and Sardinia and would love to hear your recommendations about other cities. Boyfriend’s request is riding a vespa in Tuscany, haha.

No Need to Go Far
Two years ago, I aimed to explore locally, doing weekend trips to Fredericksburg, San Antonio, and Houston. While hopping on a plane to go somewhere new is fun, there is plenty to see a short drive away. This year, I’m hoping to discover more in Austin and in Texas. Any place, in particular, I should check out?

Where are you planning to go in 2018?

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