Cookie and Cake Decorating Party at Baked By Amy’s

December 19, 2017

Baked By Amy’s is a fun bakery for a cookie and cake decorating party!
Disclosure: Baked By Amy’s provided a discounted party and complimentary treats to try. All opinions are my own.

When you walk into Baked By Amy’s, the happy smells of baked goods automatically put you in a good mood. Then you spot their big glass case of beautiful cupcakes, cookies, macarons, and pies, and you wonder if you’ve won the lottery.

I gathered some of my sweetest blogger gals for a party at Baked By Amy’s. The bakery makes some of the best cupcakes in town, and when I heard about their “big kid parties,” I was all in.

Their decorating parties are for kids AND big kids. They prefer to host big kid parties at night since guests will be imbibing alcohol (BYOB) and these parties are longer than the kid parties. Bringing savory treats is a good idea since there will be lots of sugar.

The big table in their store is a great setting for creating our masterpieces. With our cute aprons and individual stations all set up, we were ready to start. Our Baked By Amy’s hostess taught us how to fill and cut our piping bags and showed us different piping techniques and decorating ideas.

We joked that our cookies needed a little more practice but it was fun trying out the different designs. One way to make it flawless? Cover it in sprinkles!

Photo by me

We also decorated mini cakes and tried the watercolor technique. This is done by spreading a base color and then blending in streaks of another color.


These turned out much better than the cookies, in my opinion. Look how cute they are!

Photo by me

All that hard work deserves some snacks, right? 😉 We enjoyed some tres leches cake, cupcakes, and macarons.

Photo by me

If you were wondering, yes, Baked By Amy’s is related to Amy’s Ice Cream, one of Austin’s favorite ice cream shops. Did you hear? There will be a NEW, second Baked By Amy’s shop coming to Central Austin in early 2018! This space will have a private room for parties, and they’ll also be selling wine and beer at this location.

Even though we left hopped up on sugar, we enjoyed learning how to decorate cookies and cakes, all while snacking on those addictive gummy bears! 😉 Thank you for the fun time, Baked By Amy’s!

Be sure to follow all my party guests. These creative friends/bloggers are the tops! Their Instagrams and blogs are linked below.

Unless noted, all photos were taken by the awesome Yvan!

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  • Oh my gosh, those gummy bears….SO GOOD! I had so much fun and I’m definitely doing this again soon!

  • What a fun event! Beautiful photos! I now have more wonderful Austin bloggers to follow. Thank you! 🙂

  • This looks like so much fun! Also, I’m the actual worst at putting icing on cakes and cookies and things. We had gingerbread cookies to decorate on Christmas Eve and mine were some of the most ridiculous, even though there were actual children decorating cookies alongside me.

    • Haha, that sounds like what we experienced at the party. I’ll say, cookie decorating is not a thing we normal people do often, and if we practiced, I’m sure it would look somewhat decent. At least it tasted good, right?!