12 Places to See Swoon-Worthy Wallpaper in Austin, TX

September 18, 2017

This post is for anyone in Austin who gets giddy about wallpaper.

My love for patterns probably started on Pinterest, but then a few years ago, I stepped into the bathroom at Boyfriend’s grandmother’s house and was face-to-face with the prettiest mint and metallic seashell wallpaper from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. ALL THE HEART EYES! After coming out of the bathroom and gushing about the wallpaper, I was taken to MORE rooms with different wallpaper of animals and cowboys. Needless to say, that only fueled my obsession and I’ve been gushing about any new finds ever since. #nerdalert, I know. It’s slightly funny that patterned wallpaper is what my adult life has me looking forward to these days. HA!

So, to make up for not having any wallpaper of my own, I’ll settle for appreciating wallpaper in establishments around Austin and in my travels. #ihavethisthingforwallpaper. A few of these wallpaper finds are located in bathrooms, which means if you are ever in a cool restaurant, visit the bathroom to see what you’ll find. (And yes, I found a reason to post all my cool bathroom selfies!)

If you are in Austin and get giddy about wallpaper, here are some places you can spot some amazing wallpaper!

1. Sa-Tén

The squirrel wallpaper at Sa-Tén, a cute coffee shop and café on the east side, is nuts! It spans one wall.

2. L’Oca D’Oro

L’Oca D’Oro at Mueller matches their whimsical branding with cute and fun wallpaper with snails and shells above their bar area.

3. Jacoby’s

While Jacoby’s on East Cesar Chavez is known for their outdoor space, I like their bird wallpaper in the bathroom hallway. (You’re welcome for this suuuuuuper flattering photo.)

4. Modcloth

Modcloth, a clothing store downtown on 2nd Street, has this pastel floral wallpaper combined with an encouraging neon sign.


Across the street from Modcloth is ESPEROS SOHO, a company that sells beautiful bags and backpacks. They have a minimalist store with this pretty statement wall. The neon is hard to photograph but it says ESPEROS SOHO.

6. Backbeat

Men and women will be surprised with different wallpaper in the bathrooms at Backbeat, a great cocktail bar on South Lamar. The women’s bathroom has puffer fish while the men’s has whale skeletons.

7. Birds Barbershop

There are always summer vibes at Birds Barbershop in the Domain with their wallpaper variety – flamingos, palm leaves, and stripes!

8. Flower Child

Another bathroom find, Flower Child, a healthy eats restaurant at the Domain, brings out the flower power!

9. Adelante

Adelante, a women’s boutique in Central Austin, has elegant gold-streaked wallpaper near their dressing rooms. So classy!

10. Elizabeth St. Café

Elizabeth St. Cafe, a great restaurant for pastries, has got the floral bathroom wallpaper down!

11. Katie Kime

Katie Kime, a shop that sells fashion and home goods, actually sells wallpaper! They’ve got blue jugs in their dressing room and showcase their other beautiful prints around the shop.

12. Blenders and Bowls

I love the tropical vibes at Blenders and Bowls, an acai cafe. The palm leaves wallpaper is the perfect match for the tropical fruit smoothies and bowls.

Have you spotted any beautiful wallpaper in Austin or elsewhere? Tell me in the comments and I’ll add it to my list!

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  • I think the ones with critters are definitely my favorites. The birds and the squirrels and those flamingo stripes are absolutely beautiful!