Flavors of the Month: August 2017

September 12, 2017

Flavors of the Month is a monthly feature of some of the best dishes and restaurants I enjoyed.

Summer time means lots of cold treats (mostly ice cream) and seafood! In August I went to one of my favorite foodie events in Austin, tried a famed burger, a new bbq trailer, and a new brewery!

Bites at Pay It Forward
The Pay It Forward with Daniel Curtis event has been one of my favorite annual “sip and stroll” events in Austin. It benefits the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation and includes an A-list lineup of restaurants.

Soft Serve at Sweet Daze Dessert Bar (Dallas)
I didn’t try many new places on this month’s 24-hr trip to Dallas but we did wait in line for late-night soft serve at this buzz worthy ice cream shop. Sadly, they were out of their “designer donuts” but they had ube (purple yam) soft serve. It’s Insta-worthy for a good reason!

Ice Cream at Heritage Creamery (Waco)
We stopped in Waco for some ice cream when coming back from Dallas and happily enjoyed cookie crumble cones. SO GOOD. It’s going to be very hard not making this a regular stop on the Dallas/Austin road trip.

Fish Taco Tuesday at Quality Seafood
Quality Seafood has a wide selection of fish and Tuesdays means fish tacos. They weren’t my favorite but they were still good. I got two tacos – grilled shrimp and blackened black drum fish.

Thai-Style Ice Cream at Holla Mode
While Holla Mode has two locations, their 45th Street location only serves dairy-free coconut milk ice cream. I opted for Oreos and fresh strawberries. For now I like Ice Scrapers more but I’ll have to give a final word after I try Holla Mode’s dairy ice cream. [See this post for more of my favorite cold desserts in Austin.]

Beef Cheek Sandwich with Kimchi at LeRoy and Lewis
This dish was disappointingly a bust for me but the bite of my friend’s mac-and-cheese stuffed quail was great. I’m looking forward to giving them another try.

New England Seafood Bake at The Bonneville with Harpoon Brewery
I had such a fun time at this special event at The Bonneville with Harpoon Brewery! We ate clam chowder, clam steamers, whole lobster, and Boston Crème Pie paired with four of Harpoon Brewery’s beers. My favorite beer was the Camp Wannamango, a mango pale ale that was divine! Harpoon Brewery is from Boston, so it was fun trying their beers!

Burger at Café No Se
I love a juicy burger! This one at Café No Se did not disappoint! I also love the pastries here. Kouign amann is my go-to but the croissants are great too.

Breakfast at Elizabeth St. Café
Speaking of pastries, I also love them at Elizabeth St. Café. On this occasion, I tried the ham and gruyere croissant and it is now easily my go-to dish. I liked their version of the beignet also.

Happy Hour at Chicon
For August’s Austin Food Blogger Alliance Happy Hour, we met up at Chicon. They spoiled us with complimentary drinks and an array of snacks, including charred avocado with pickled beet mayo and kale kurikake, carrot hummus, smoked trout dip, and Szechuan chicken wings. I want to go back for a full plate of charred avocado!

Homemade Rum Cake
Ever since Boyfriend came back from the Bahamas with a souvenir rum cake and I got a taste of that deliciousness, I’ve been dreaming about rum cake. Well, I finally made it! And it was AMAZING! MOIST.

Pizza at Little Deli & Pizza
It’s been a while since I’ve been there but now I can’t believe it’s been so long because it is fantastic! I enjoyed a slice of pepperoni and mushroom, a Greek salad, and a shortbread cookie. Nomnomnom. I would say it’s a best-kept secret, especially since it’s tucked into the neighborhood but everyone in the neighborhood knows how good it is; it was packed!

Craft Beers at Hi Sign Brewing
Surprisingly, the IPAs weren’t my absolute favorite on the day we visited Hi Sign Brewing. It was viciously hot outside, so the Blonde Ale was more my speed. They do have a strong double IPA and a fruited blonde ale. They also have wall art by one of my favorite Austin artists, Mike Johnston. Yes, Jay-Z as an astronaut.

Lunch at Clark’s Oyster Bar
We popped into Clark’s one weekend while we were in the neighborhood. It was around 3 pm, a weird hour for food, but it was packed! Since only their cold menu was available, we enjoyed fresh oysters, ceviche, and beef tartare, all very good! If you like seafood, you should give this place a try.

Mochi Bar at Whole Foods
Is this a dream or what?! Whole Foods in Austin now has a mochi bar where you can fill up a container and pay per ball. Yep, it’s as good as it sounds. For those unfamiliar, mochi ice cream is a glutinous flour wrapped around ice cream. The outside is a bit chewy. My favorite flavors were pineapple coconut, strawberry, and green tea. I also tried salted caramel and vanilla.

Lunch at Pizzeria Sorellina
This heirloom tomato dish changed my life! It’s got coconut “stracciatella” cheese, green coriander vinaigrette, and shaved serrano chili. The tomato flavors were vibrant and strong, and I never thought tomatoes could taste this way. We also tried a margherita pizza and the panna cotta with marinated watermelon. That heirloom tomato salad though. I would travel for that!

Try any new restaurants lately? Have a recipe I should try? Comment below!

P.S. What’s on your food bucket list? Check out what some of my favorite foodies had to say.

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  • terra September 14, 2017 at 11:11 am

    So much pretty ice cream and also that charred avocado looks like the stuff my dreams are made of and it’s also pretty and I want to eat ALL OF IT.