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10 Ways to Stay Healthy While You Travel

August 15, 2017

Stay healthy while you travel because missing out on during your trip is no fun! Here are 10 ways to stay healthy.

This list makes me feel extremely neurotic and like an overprotective parent but I would hate for me or you to get sick on a trip! Sickness means changing plans, losing money if you’ve already booked something, and overall, no fun because your body is revolting. This list includes tips for before your trip and during your trip, so give it a read and get ready for a healthy and fun vacation!

1. Get recommended shots.
While you’re likely safe in first world countries, getting the recommended shots will keep you safe instead of sorry. Centers for Disease Control has recommendations for every country and you can visit a clinic or find a traveling doctor to administer the shots before your trip.

2. Bring emergency medicine.
From sea sickness medicine to ibuprofen, having medicine on hand will keep you well when your body decides otherwise. If I know I’ll be diving or on a boat, I take sea sickness medicine preemptively. I brought diarrhea medicine on my Thailand trip in case I ate something that didn’t agree with my stomach. If you’re prone to allergies, this is a good idea also. Yes, there will probably be convenience stores and pharmacies but if you’re traveling from city to city or if something happens when stores are closed, it’s good to have a solution on hand.

3. Strengthen your immune system, and take supplements.
Before your trip, try to take it easy. Keep your immune system up by taking supplements. (I take Emergen-C.) Traveling can bring fatigue and more germs than usual, so it’s smart to have a daily boost. Alternatively, you can aim for whole foods like salads and fruit to give you extra vitamins.

4. Check if you can drink the local water.
There are some places where you CANNOT drink the water or you will get incredibly sick. Drinking the water includes brushing your teeth, getting water in your mouth during a shower, and washing raw food. In these countries, be sure to use bottled water for drinking, brushing, and washing. These countries are usually in the know and will provide plenty of filtered water and cook with filtered water. This might gross some people out but also beware of wearing a tampon in questionable bodies of water to prevent infections and diseases.

5. Hydrate!
It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re on the go, walking all over the city, especially when it’s sunny out. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Water is also good for digestion and your muscles. Bring a water bottle (with or without a filter) to fill up. Many tour companies will provide water, so say yes and devour it!

6. Wear bug repellant.
Bugs that bite (like mosquitos) can carry disease, severe reactions, and irritating consequences. Ugh, I remember on one trip to Costa Rica, the mosquitos were constant and omnipresent, and I even had to apply repellant right after taking a shower. Even thinking about the times I was covered in bug bites makes me itchy. While I haven’t found an eco-friendly product I like, I think Deet wipes provide good coverage.

7. Bring a first-aid kit.
It doesn’t need to be a massive kit, but having a few first aid items can keep you well. This would include a few Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, Neosporin, aloe vera, and bug bite ointment. I usually bring Band-Aids with me since they’re easy to carry and find a drugstore if I need anything else.

8. Wear sunscreen.
Always! Don’t become a lobster on your vacation! It’s painful and bad for your skin. No thank you, skin cancer.

9. Watch food preparation and make sure your food is cooked through.
This tip is especially important for street food. Has the food been sitting out for a while? Are the vendors using sanitary precautions to prepare the food? Lines by a street vendor or restaurant are indicators for good food but also watch a few orders prepared in front of you before you eat it.

10. Listen to your body.
Your body will tell you what’s going on. Aches and pains will suggest rest, different food, or more water. Don’t force yourself into an activity when you really need to rest or it might overwork your immune system and make you feel worse. Stretch if your muscles feel tense. Feeling dirty? Bring wet wipes and hand sanitizer for when you’re on the go. Go with your gut and listen to your body!

Have any other tips of staying healthy while you travel? Comment below! If you have any horror stories, let’s hear them!

P.S. Now that you’re healthy, don’t forget to stay safe! Here are 15 ways to stay safe while you travel.

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  • Kelsey @SoMuchLife August 22, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Ooh, I’m still working on the wearing sunscreen thing! I put it on my face every morning, but I need to be better about applying it on arms/shoulders while I”m traveling and walking around outside 😉

    • Anita | Fearless Captivations August 22, 2017 at 3:49 pm

      So true – I do sunscreen on my face every morning but everything else I’m like ehhh unless I know I’ll be outdoors for a while. I’m bad at re-applying!