Captivations v.34: Change, Advice, Growth

April 30, 2017

Captivations is a monthly feature with links, stories, and news that captivated me. Take a look at all the things captivating me lately.

How Friendships Change
You can’t stop it – friendships change. This article about friendship in The Atlantic gives interesting insight and research in how friendships shift, especially in today’s digital age. I think the article gives excuses to why we take friendships for granted. Friendships aren’t a commitment like work or kids. Facebook makes it easy to think friendships are closer than they appear. But the article does emphasize the fact that face-to-face interaction is best!

Filling Space
“Just because you have an empty space doesn’t mean you have to fill it.” – The Minimalists. Advertising and social norms have made us afraid of empty space. I’m not only talking about walls and bookshelves but of time. Instead of filling our spaces and time with junk, why don’t we fill them with things we love and that bring joy? Have you watched the Minimalism film on Netflix yet?

When Your Husband Dies
I think I’ve said this before, but I’m fascinated by death and the process of mourning by loved ones. It’s like the love has intensified times a million. It seems like you feel everything and nothing. And for us watching, it gives a perspective of how we should be living – not taking things for granted and loving deeper. That’s why I enjoyed this article on The Everygirl, as heart-breaking as it is. Some people feel the fire of love through romance novels. I feel the depth of love through stories about mourning. It reminds me that I want to love and be loved like that. Isn’t that the deepest wish most people have?

Girls of the Wild
I saw this the other day and wanted to share. It’s by Nikita Gill.

Traveling: Roatan and Big Bend National Park
This month I took two long-weekend trips. It definitely satisfied my wanderlust. First came scuba diving in Roatan and then a long road trip to West Texas to visit Marfa and (finally!) Big Bend National Park. I stayed in a teepee! Check out those blog posts and let me know what you think!

I’ve been following Ruthie Lindsey on Instagram for a while. This beautiful soul released a touching video this month that is so full of hope. It will definitely lift your spirits!

Good Relationships = Life of Fulfillment
Isn’t it silly how with all the research and stories, we still have trouble focusing on what will fulfill our lives? I know I struggle with it off and on. This 75-year research study proved that good relationships make people happier and healthier. (Psst…not the number of likes on Instagram! BUT I don’t think Instagram was around during this study so…)

In Praise of Ugly Food
Food bloggers will enjoy this article. It talks about the struggles of how photos make or break your popularity. Sometimes food, usually comfort food, is ugly. Why can’t it get more love? I want to hear what you think about this.

Let’s Entertain More
Speaking of food and life fulfillment, in this study, people were asked what their biggest home regrets were and the consistent answer was not entertaining more. Challenge accepted! Who’s coming over for dinner?

Sweating it Out at SoulCycle
I was excited to share my love of spin classes with my friends by organizing a class at SoulCycle. The ladies rocked the very sweaty, hour-long class!

Who Makes Your Clothes?
An organization called The People Label is challenging us to think about the clothes we buy. Is it the best quality? Was it made ethically? Check out the website to explore more!

Marriage Advice From Divorced People
This post has some insightful advice about how to care for your relationships!

Watching: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
My friend Abbie introduced me to the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend earlier this year and I love it! Seasons 1 and 2 of this CW show are on Netflix now. If you like musicals and comedy, you may like it!

Don’t Be a Crehater
This article was a hard and refreshing read. On one hand, I want to send it to all the crehaters out there who aren’t as collaborative as I expect them to be. (Hello, managing expectations!) We’re all working so hard, and it takes a village to get to success. On the other hand, it’s an embarrassing reminder about how supportive I could be. I think being a crehater has to do with jealousy and fear. Fear is at the root of jealousy. When we see others succeed (via social media highlights), we’re afraid that we might not ever experience that success. So, here’s a reminder to myself and you to keep encouraging those around you!

What’s captivating you lately?

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