Fearless Wanderlust v.22 – March 2017

March 28, 2017

You can never get enough wanderlust inspiration. The monthly feature Fearless Wanderlust includes recent travel news, articles, and inspiration to encourage you to put more travel adventure in your life! Check out this month’s version.

40 Tourist Scams
Here’s a handy article of scams you should be aware of when you travel. It also lists where the scams are likely to occur.

Incredible Georeserve in Philippines
In the Philippines rainforest is a beautiful georeserve with a trail with ropes courses and a hanging bridge. Check out Masungi Georeserve for an incredible outdoors adventure.

Puerto Rico
Surprisingly, Puerto Rico is rising on my list of places to travel. With beautiful beaches and rainforest, this country seems to offer more than you think. Take a look at these photos and see why!

We are overdoing this travel thing
While I don’t agree with every point in this article on Streettrotter, it’s a good reminder to SLOW DOWN when you travel. I’ve experienced fast travel in my last few trips – I over plan and it doesn’t feel much like a relaxing vacation. Focus less on the bucket list items and more on the incredible experiences that travel provides. What do you think about the article?

Wanderlust for Cape Town
Did you see my post about Cape Town a few months ago? That city sounds like a fun place to visit! Check out this video to see more of what it has to offer.

U.S. and U.K. Electronic Ban on Flights
You might have seen this news about the electronic ban in the last week. Electronics bigger than a smartphone are banned as a carry-on on airplanes if you are flying from certain Middle East and North African countries to the U.S. and the U.K. You will need to check these devices in before a flight. You can read more details in the Conde Nast Traveler article.

Elephants in Oklahoma
Endangered Ark Foundation in Hugo, Oklahoma, about two and a half hours away from Dallas, offers the opportunity to get close to elephants. Though I will say, it is slightly fishy because the private non-profit is also owned by Carson & Barnes Circus, which has been cited by PETA for animal cruelty. The circus abuses elephants (any kind of training for tricks involves abuse!) to put them in shows and then they retire them to the foundation. What do you think?

Virgin America is No More
Alaska Airlines bought Virgin America in 2016 and will put the brand to rest by 2019. Virgin America is known for its amenities like comfy seats, Netflix, and Spotify. In my experience, they are also a “hip” airline and their service was always stellar. While it makes business sense, it is sad to see the brand go. I enjoyed reading Richard Branson’s letter about it. He’s a smart entrepreneur and is in tune to the emotional side of success, not only the financial.

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Photo by Death to Stock Photo. I want to go to Cuba!

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