Aerial Class at Sky Candy in Austin, Texas

March 22, 2017

Taking an aerial class at Sky Candy in Austin is a great idea for your bachelorette party or girls weekend. Take a look at what a class is like!

Disclosure: Sky Candy provided a complimentary aerial class party for us. Yippee! All opinions are my own.

Have you ever been mesmerized by the performers at the circus or Cirque du Soleil show? You watch them with equal parts fear, anticipation, and amazement at the daring and graceful acrobatic stunts. If you’re like me, you leave wanting to join the circus immediately.

The skills of the performers aren’t acquired overnight, of course, but taking classes at Sky Candy can put you in the right direction or at least, put a little adventure in your life. I gathered some of my blogger friends for an aerials party to see what Sky Candy is all about!

Sky Candy

Sky Candy is an aerial and circus arts studio open since 2010. For ladies or bachelorette parties looking for a unique group activity, I recommend checking out Sky Candy. No experience is necessary and don’t worry, you won’t be doing anything dangerous during your first class! The ideal size of a private party is six people but they can accommodate larger groups by having additional instructors on hand.


Sky Candy has two locations, both not far from downtown Austin. Both locations are spacious and have high ceilings. If you’re looking to continue the festivities after your private class, Hops & Grain Brewery is in the same complex as the main location of Sky Candy, and Blue Owl Brewing is in walking distance from the Ceasar Chavez location.

Preparing for Class

The most important part of preparing for class is to wear the appropriate outfit. Wear workout leggings and close-fitting tops that cover your underarms. The backs of your knees and your underarms will be rubbing the equipment, so you want to dress comfortably. Do not wear any jewelry. You may also want to bring a water bottle for during class.


For our class, we started with stretching exercises to prepare for the moves we would do. Then, our fabulous instructor showed us each skill and we took turns trying it out. We tried the silks and the lyra (hoop). All of the skills weren’t necessarily hard, but we did use muscles we usually don’t use. We got to do spins, flip upside down, and learn about balance.

I love this fun video of our class Kate put together!

Book Your Event

To book your party, see the party options on the website, and email frontdesk@skycandyaustin.com with your details on date, time, and group size.
Address: 507 Calles Street #117, Austin, TX 78702 (main location) OR 2400 E. Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, TX 78702
Available for: private events and parties, classes, private classes, workshops, shows
Website: https://www.skycandyaustin.com

All photos thanks to Simply Yvan! Thank you to my friends Kelsey, Caitlin, Kate, Amy, and Nicole for joining me at the class!

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  • Ooh, I’m just getting to check this out now. Yipeeeeee, that was fun!! I want to do it again!!Thanks for organizing the fun party!!

    • Thank you for coming! I was hoping we’d be flipping and such but I guess we have to start somewhere. 😉