Fearless Wanderlust v.21 – January 2017

January 24, 2017

You can never get enough wanderlust inspiration. The monthly feature Fearless Wanderlust includes recent travel news, articles, and inspiration to encourage you to put more travel adventure in your life! Check out this month’s version.

Fearless Wanderlust January 2017 Fearless Captivations

How Travel Rewires the Brain

Take some advice from well-traveled TV host Andrew Zimmern: travel is great for you. It will help you build connections, be more engaged, and be more resourceful. See the full article here.

Let’s Travel in 2017!
Not sure where to travel this year? Check out Travel and Leisure’s Best Places to Travel list. It’s got some unique places you don’t usually hear about on there.

Would you take this adventure?
What if you took a trip without knowing or planning anything? The company Pack Up and Go will take your budget and preferences into consideration and plan your trip for you. You’ll go to your transportation at a certain time and open the envelope to see where your 3-day weekend will take you. Wild, right? Would you try it?

Coral Bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef
Sad news: 67% of coral was killed in nine months by warmer waters. It could take up to 15 years for the coral to recover, and that’s if it doesn’t get worse in the meantime. While a difference of a few degrees doesn’t seem much, it can is devastating for the underwater world. What can you do? Learn about what is happening and support organizations working to undo the damage.

Travel to Cuba
With travel to Cuba becoming more accessible, especially to Americans, you’ll need some guidance. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to plan your trip!

Top Travel Tips
The New York Times put together this quick 10-tip list to help you book travel and enjoy travel.

Layover in Doha, Qatar
I recently spoke with a guy who planned his travel to stop in Doha because it was such a fascinating place. If your layover is longer than five hours, you’re eligible for the free tour. The airport is known for its architecture and art installations.

Road Trip of a Lifetime
550,000 miles. 177 countries. 26 years. This couple started this road trip in the cutest car in 1988! You’ve got to read all about it in this article.

Travel Lessons from 2016
Travel blog World of Wanderlust has a great post about everything she learned in 2016. I can confirm that walking in Texas in the summer is definitely a BAD idea! Take a look at the post here.

Where You Should Travel
If you want to do more traveling to amazing outdoor spots like me, Renee Roaming has a beautiful post with lot of photos from her 2016 travels. I want to go see all of those national parks for myself!

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  • Laura January 25, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Now I want to plan a trip!

    • Anita Cheung January 27, 2017 at 9:45 am

      You should! Even if it’s a short 30-min road trip away.