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Glam Makeup Party + My 5 Go-To Skin Care Tips

September 21, 2016


I’m excited to tell you about the glam makeup party from this past weekend! My friend Ashley, who you might remember from our yoga party, now sells makeup and asked me to host a makeup party to show us the products and try them out. It was a fun afternoon! We sipped mimosas, ate breakfast tacos, and played with makeup.

Makeup and skin care are things I’ve figured out on my own since high school. Little by little, I’ve learned about products and techniques through friends, articles, and YouTube videos and added to my routine. With makeup, I think it’s less about covering up imperfections and more about enhancing your positive features, like making your eyes sparkle. It’s all about showing your inner confidence outward. With all the products available, it’s also a lot of fun to experiment!

Ashley! And some of the colorful and fun makeup and skin care products she sells.

Ashley! And some of the colorful and fun makeup and skin care products she sells.

One of the first products from the Royalty skin care line we tried is one of my favorites of the bunch. The detoxifying mask has charcoal in it and putting it on for five minutes had immediate revitalizing effects on all of us.


Charcoal Masks are revitalizing our faces!

Charcoal Masks are revitalizing our faces!

The rest of the Royalty line is magic too. The Instant Lifting Serum gives you immediate wrinkle restoration while the Uplift Beauty Serum gives you more long-term effects. There are products for every step of your skin care routineyounique-royalty-skin-care-lineFor my eyeshadow I decided to try something a little crazy and bold since I usually use neutral colors. Ashley did a halo effect on my right eye and a three-tone mermaid effect on my left eye. (Check out the mermaid eyeshadow tutorial here.) There are many beautiful eyeshadow colors, in shimmer and matte, cream or loose. The eyeshadow palettes are fun too. Either of these two eye looks would be a fun for a night out! (I also tried the liquid foundation and the peachy lipliner.)


Ready for some tips? I like things simple when it comes to makeup and skincare. I’ll all for a 10-minute makeup application in the morning and quick skin care before bed. Here are my five go-to tips to put on my best face!

1. Always remove your makeup before you go to bed.
Throughout the day, dirt and bacteria build up on your face, in addition to the makeup you put on. Cleansing helps clear your pores to keep your skin healthy, wrinkle-free, and blemish-free. I wash my face with face wash and then use a makeup remover wipe if there’s leftover eye makeup. Every once in a while, I use an electric two-speed cleansing tool (similar to a Clarisonic Mia) to get a deeper clean. (While you’re at it – be sure to clean your pillowcases regularly too!)

2. Use night cream and eye cream.
After you wash your face, revitalize with a night cream, aptly named for its application before you go to bed. Night creams are meant to hydrate, fight wrinkles, firm, and restore. Don’t forget to apply it on your neck too! Similar to night cream, eye cream focuses on the areas around your eyes to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, relax puffiness, and fix dark circles. This is usually applied as part of a morning routine before makeup.

3. Always apply SPF in the morning.
Our faces are exposed to sunlight, directly and indirectly, every day. To prevent sunspots and wrinkles, I use a BB cream with SPF daily. If I know I’ll be outside for a long period of time, I make sure to use sunscreen because a sunburnt and peeling face is not fun!

4. Wash your makeup brushes.
Just as your face builds up particles every day, so do your makeup brushes. Washing them every other week or at least monthly would be ideal. This will give your face the best look and help maintain the quality of your makeup.

5. Pamper and Experiment!
This party was a good reminder to take better care of my skin and not be afraid to experiment with products and looks. We all need a little pampering sometimes. Applying masks, like the charcoal mask, twice a week can make you feel good inside and out. Taking care of my skin will have long-term positive effects and trying new makeup is all about learning how to enhance your look and having fun. This is an investment that’s worth it!

If you’re interested in learning more about makeup, Ashley posts tutorials and tips every week on Facebook. Here’s an example below. Check out the private VIP Facebook group here.

If you want to check out the makeup and skincare products, check out my virtual makeup party here until September 28. After September 28, check out Ashley’s website.

What are your go-to skin care and beauty tips? Any products you LOVE?


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  • Kaylin@Enticinghealthyeating

    I don’t normally put much thought into my makeup and skin care, as I rarely even wear makeup on a daily basis! But the charcoal mask seems like it’s right up my alley. I definitely care more about healthy skin and quality products that I’m using on my skin.

    • Anita

      I hear ya! The more I learn, the more products I start using! All good, somewhat necessary stuff though. There are PLENTY of products and brands out there to choose from and it’s interesting to learn about them.