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Pattern Play DIY Macramé Party

August 29, 2016

This pattern play party idea has been swirling in my head for a while. There are so many brilliant patterns out there. Though I love simple party design, this was an opportunity to let the patterns fly! Combining pattern décor, macramé and cookie DIYs and some of my adventurous DIY gals, this crafternoon event was lots of fun!

Pattern Play Party Fearless Captivations

This colorful patterned tablecloth from Target has been waiting for a party and it’s my favorite! Simple flowers brightened up the place.

Pattern Play DIY Macrame Wool and the Gang Fearless Captivations

Pattern Play DIY Macrame Party Fearless Captivations

It’s no party without snacks! I made sure to include cupcakes since I hadn’t made any in a while. These Brown Butter Peach Cupcakes were perfect for a summer celebration. Also, these confetti brownies were chocolate gooey goodness. Those sugar cookies were what we used to DIY.

Pattern Play DIY Macrame Party Food Fearless Captivations

Plenty of La Croix to cleanse the palate! Thank you to Amy for bringing a yummy bottle of rose that we happily finished.

Pattern Play DIY Macrame Party La Croix Fearless Captivations

We made two crafts at the party: flooded sugar cookies and a macramé wall hanging. Here are some shots from the cookie action.

Pattern Play DIY Cookie Flooding Party Fearless Captivations

Pattern Play DIY Cookies Party Fearless Captivations

I’ve been wanting to try macramé for a long time! I found the jersey yarn macramé wall hanging kit from Wool and the Gang. They had lots of fun colors for our project. (FYI: the yarn is made from recycled factory cut-offs so the color options change frequently. If you see a color you like, grab it quickly!)

Pattern DIY Macrame Party Fearless Captivations

DIY Macrame Wool and the Gang Fearless Captivations

Pattern Play DIY Party Fearless Captivations

The macramé wall hanging was quite the craft. It was definitely a lot harder and more time-consuming than I thought it would be. Now we understand the time and effort behind all those beautiful macramé hangings on Instagram and Pinterest!

Pattern Play DIY Macrame Progress Fearless Captivations

We all spaced out on the floor since the yarn needed to be long. If I had gotten photos of us at work, you would see us intensely concentrating on our craft. None of us finished but hopefully we’ll have finished products in the future!

Jack supervising our macrame making.

Jack supervising/”helping” our macrame making.

Here’s macramé progress! I definitely put a lot of “character” in at the beginning. 😉

Pattern Play DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Party Fearless Captivations

Have you ever tried macramé? What did you make?

Want more patterns? Check out my Pattern board on Pinterest.

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