12 Awesome Workout Studios in Austin to Boost Fitness

July 28, 2016

I enjoy working out and I want to share a variety of my favorite workout studios in Austin, Texas!

Best Workout Studios in Austin | Fearless CaptivationsStarting in my college years, exercise has been an important part of my life because it makes me feel mentally and physically energized. Some days, it is so hard to find the energy to work out, but I always walk out of class glad I did the work. Getting older has made me more conscious about my health and reminded me that one hour a few times a week is a small price to pay for a healthier body and mind. I also find most work-outs fun, and I love the strength and confidence I get from working out. I’ve visited many studios in the 10 years I’ve lived in Austin and even more recently by using ClassPass. I want to share all my favorite workout studios in Austin to inspire you to try something new. If you’re in Austin, send me a note and let’s work out together!

Before I get into my favorite studios, I want to explain a few of the workout types and what to expect. I’m no fitness expert but I enjoy working out and trying new types of workouts. Here’s what I’ve learned:

I love yoga because it always seems to introduce me to new techniques and thoughts. Depending on the level of the class, the pace and types of positions vary. It has a strong focus on breathe, stretching and postures. Yoga also asks you to be very present. Hot yoga is done in a heated room, which makes your muscles very warm and is said to increase your pulse rate and metabolism. It’s also very, very sweaty, so be sure to bring a towel. You’ll usually need to bring your own yoga mat or rent one for a fee at the studio.

I have a love/hate relationship with cycling. It’s one of the hardest work-outs for me but that also means it’s one of the most satisfying. You will definitely get sweaty and increase your heart rate. I’ve always experienced contagious energy and ambition in these classes, and the loud music usually helps with that. Many say it’s a dance party on a bike! For these classes, you’ll be able to rent spin shoes (usually $2-3 each class) that clip into the bike. Some studios will have monitors on your bike to show your power (watts) and speed (RPM) to guide you to your best workout.

To tone the body, pilates is a great exercise. You’ll have your own machine or a variety of tools such as a ball or strap if you are on a mat. This exercise helps with flexibility, strength, and posture. Get ready to work out muscles you don’t usually work out! It’s all about the micro-movements and isolation to tone specific muscles.

Barre workouts are very similar to pilates and uses the addition of a ballet barre to help balance as you strengthen your body. Most of the focus is on your legs and core. You’ll experience shaky legs as you work but feel the burn and ride it out!

I didn’t know rowing classes existed until recently, and I love them! You learn one series of motion and vary it by speed and strength throughout the workout. It’s a fun and competitive workout. You’ll have a monitor on your machine that shows your power (watts) and speed (RPM), and your instructor will tell you what numbers to aim for. You’ll also use the monitor when rowing for distance (ie. countdown from 200 meters) or time (ie. countdown from two minutes).

With boxing, you’ll get a cardio workout and learn specific moves. As a beginner, you’ll practice with and without boxing gloves and repeat the same combinations of moves. It might sound easy but it involves a lot of mind work and you’ll find specific and unexpected muscles sore the next day!

Strength Training
This type of workout has many variations but I categorize it as activities that raise your heart rate very quickly and makes you sweaty without many machines, like a bike. You are likely to use dumbbells and sand bags of your weight preference. These can involve high-intensity interval training (HiiT), which includes doing a series of exercises. For example, you may be asked to do a routine of 50 jumping jacks, 10 box jumps, and a quarter-mile run three times in a row in a set amount of time or as many reps as you can of an exercise in 30-second intervals.

While many of the studios below have similar offerings, it’s important to find a place(s) where you feel comfortable and physically challenged. Budget-wise, I’ve included each studio’s unlimited monthly rate (as of July 2016) and visit their websites to see additional rates and packages. Buying an unlimited class membership is beneficial if you are planning to take three or more classes per week.

Here are my favorite workout studios in Austin!


Kor180 (pilates, cycling)
I recommend Kor180 for their encouraging instructors. They have your cardio with cycling and your toning and strengthening with pilates. They use reformer machines for pilates that enhance your workout. The high-quality of their equipment is a plus!

:  11005 North Burnet Road, #106, Austin, TX 78758 and 1611 W 5th St. #140, Austin, TX 78703
Pricing: Free week for new clients; $249 per month for unlimited classes

Define Body and Mind Austin
DEFINE Body and Mind (cycling, barre, yoga)
DEFINE offers a variety of classes and I’ve enjoyed their Body (barre), Mind (yoga) and Revolution (cycling) classes. They also do a 30/30 class with 30 minutes of barre and 30 minutes of cycling. Their studios are always bustling with people so you’ll be sure to feel energized.

Locations: 1818 W 35th St, Austin, TX 78703 and 809 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
Pricing: $250 per month for unlimited classes

Todd Pilates Austin
Todd Pilates (pilates, barre)
I’ve taken many classes with THE Todd of Todd Pilates and I love his energy. The instructors are excellent at explaining positions and the work-outs and music will get you energized. While the moves are technical, the workouts are definitely doable. The studio provides everything from the mat to weights so you only need to bring yourself and a water bottle.

Locations: 4032 S. Lamar #700, Austin, TX 78704; 9029 Research Blvd Ste 200, Austin, TX 78758; 2000 S. IH 35 Ste M1, Round Rock, TX 78681
Pricing: $95 a month for unlimited classes

Ro Fitness Austin
Ro Fitness (rowing)
I visited Ro Fitness because a ClassPasser I met at another studio highly recommended it. I tried it once and I am hooked. It is a challenging and fun full-body workout that provides variety through varying time, distance and speed. I’ve only visited the Tarrytown location, though I hear the downtown location will provide you a workout with a lake view.

Locations: 74 Trinity St., Austin, TX 78701 and 2425 Exposition Blvd Suite E-1, Austin, TX 78703
Pricing: Free first class to try it out; $150 per month for unlimited classes

City Surf Fitness Austin
City Surf Fitness (strength training, yoga)
I like City Surf because they get my heart pumping! I’ve done the Beach Body Boot Camp and City Surf classes and both are high-energy workouts that keeps you going the whole hour. Though it’s uneasy and uncomfortable sometimes, the use of the surf board helps strengthen your core and leg muscles. I like the variation the board brings. They also offer yoga classes. Check their website for video examples of each workout they offer.

Location: 1500 S. Lamar Blvd, Ste. 4, Austin, TX 78704
Pricing: $89 intro month membership; $130 per month for month-to-month; $109 per month for 12-month contract

Pink Gloves Boxing Austin
Pink Gloves Boxing (boxing)
There’s something about this studio that makes you feel strong. Maybe it’s the encouraging words written on the walls or the encouraging instructors. Maybe it’s the vibes of the fellow class-goers who are fully present when it’s go time. You’ll leave feeling strong, sweaty and energized. If you want to try it out and get a work-out, look at the drop-in classes. If you want to invest in learning boxing, look at the tier program where your education builds two times a week for 16 weeks.

Location: 9705 Burnet Rd, Ste 606, Austin, Texas
Pricing: $25 for one class; $200 for 10 classes

Camp Gladiator Austin
Camp Gladiator (strength training)
Camp Gladiator is a boot camp that has locations all around town and you can go to as many classes as you like. It is not specifically a studio though they do have classes at their Camp Gladiator Arena. Having done Camp Gladiator for about a year in the past, I would recommend it if your fitness goal is cardio. It’s also a great workout for exercise beginners. I’ve always found the instructors and fellow campers motivating and encouraging. Each camp is a cycle of four weeks that focuses on a different skill each week.

Location: Multiple locations, see website
Pricing: $189 per 4-week camp; $129 for consecutive camps; $69 per month for a 12-month contract

Black Swan Yoga Austin
Black Swan Yoga (yoga, strength training)
Black Swan Yoga is a donation-based ($10-15 per class) yoga studio. The studio is heated so you will get sweaty! I’ve always had a good focus in these yoga classes even though I’m dripping with sweat. If you’re new, try the Beginner or Flow classes. You can see example videos of all their classes on their website. I haven’t tried them yet, but their Hot Onnit classes are strength and conditioning classes.

Locations: 403 Orchard St, Austin TX 78703; 4534 Westgate Blvd, Austin TX 78745; 12636 Research Blvd, Austin TX 78759
Pricing: Donate what you want or enroll in their $88 per month membership

MOD Fitness Austin
MOD Fitness (pilates, barre)
I took MOD Fitness classes for a month and liked the toning it gave me. You have your choice of barre, burn, and options in between. Most of the classes are fast-paced and you’ll definitely feel the burn in your legs, core and arms. The bright studios make it welcoming and energizing.

Locations: 406 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756 and 2041 S. Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas 78704
Pricing: $99 intro month; $170 per month for unlimited classes

Dancers Shape Austin
Dancers Shape (pilates, barre, yoga)
Classes at Dancers Shape make me feel like a graceful, strong dancer, especially since many of the instructors and students are or once were dancers (or do a great job imitating them). I like the signature Shape class and it’s a great introduction to what they offer. It’s focused on technique and toning. They have a wide variety of classes to fit your needs.

Locations: 5350 Burnet Rd. Suite 7, Austin, TX 78756
Pricing: $175 per month for unlimited classes

It’s always intimidating trying a new workout studio or workout. Thankfully, I’ve always found that instructors and staff are very supportive of new students and are happy to explain techniques and show you the ropes around the studio. Be sure to read what you need to wear and bring to the studio ahead of time. Remember to show up 15 minutes early, work hard and have fun!

I’m always up for trying new workouts and studios. What is your favorite kind of workout? What are your favorite Austin workout studios?

P.S. Looking for more fitness studios? Check out my in-depth post about the best indoor cycling studios in Austin.

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