Favorite Austin Eats: Thai/Southern Cuisine at Kin & Comfort

May 21, 2016

[Edit: Very sad to say that as of July 7, 2016, Kin & Comfort has closed. Details here.]

One of my favorite Austin eats is Kin & Comfort, an unassuming Asian fusion restaurant inside the Hana World Market food court. The restaurant puts a spin on Thai and Southern cuisine. Their inventive and flavorful dishes and great value are what bring me back time after time.

Let’s jump into the dishes!

My new go-to appetizer is the Cabbage Slaw. In addition to cabbage, it also comes with pickled beets and their wonderful fried Brussel sprouts. If you’d rather not have the cabbage and beets, go with the side of Fried Brussel Sprouts.

Kin and Comfort Cabbage Slaw Fearless Captivations

Another good appetizer is the Krapao Pork Belly Bun with Asian pear and cilantro. One order comes with two juicy pork belly buns.

Kin and Comfort Pork Buns Fearless Captivations

If you love meat and potatoes, you’ll love the Thai Meatloaf and Gravy. This hearty dish features a multitude of spices and the meatloaf sits on a bed of mashed potatoes.

Kin and Comfort Meatloaf Fearless Captivations

Home Fried Chicken is another favorite and it comes with two chicken breasts and papaya salad at the spice level of your choosing. Crispy chicken skin, tender meat, and the spicy salad to complement those flavors.

Kin and Comfort Home Fried Chicken Fearless Captivations

If you love fried fish, you must try the Catfish Fries with pickled cabbage salad. The fish is lightly fried and pairs nicely with the fresh pickled cabbage salad. The dish comes with rice to even out the fried and pickled flavors.

Kin and Comfort Catfish Fries Fearless Captivations

The perfect example of their fusion cuisine lies in the Tom Kah Shrimp & Grits – my favorite dish on the menu. Traditional southern shrimp and grits are combined with Tom Kah soup – a traditional Thai sour and spicy soup with coconut milk. This dish is an explosion of delightful flavors!

Kin and Comfort Shrimp and Grits Fearless Captivations

As for value, every dish is $10 and less, and the dishes are a hearty portion. For two people, my boyfriend and I usually get very full on two dishes and one side, and our check comes out to less than $30 with tip. If you want to go to town, this is a great opportunity to invite your friends and have everyone order a different dish. Most of the dishes are easily shared. With plenty of seating in the food court area, this is a great place for communal dining.

1700 W Parmer Lane #100
Austin, Texas 78727
Map it here

11am-8pm daily except closed on Tuesdays

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