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A Foodie and Simple Baby Shower

May 17, 2016

Baby Shower Floral Table Fearless Captivations

This past weekend, I had the joy of helping with my friend Sarah’s baby shower! (You might remember Sarah from her wedding reception I helped with two years ago.) Sarah’s sister Rachel was the organizer of the whole event and she did a stellar job. The baby shower featured an amazing bagel bar, girly florals, DIY, and lots of fun!

First, the food! A fellow foodie, Sarah made it very clear that she wanted great food at the shower. Rachel, their family members and some friends prepared all the delicious food. The amazing bagel bar spread had options for all tastes – from lox and capers to Nutella and banana. There was also chicken salad, pea pesto salad, herb and goat cheese frittata, sausage and potato and mushroom frittata, almond lemon cake, and mimosas.

Baby Shower Food | Fearless Captivations

Baby Shower Bagel Bar | Fearless Captivations

Baby Shower Bagel Bar Toppings | Fearless Captivations

Baby Shower Cake | Fearless Captivations

For the décor, I kept it simple with these girly floral hoops. If you’re looking for something different than flowers in a vase, this project is doable in about an hour.

Baby Shower DIY Floral | Fearless Captivations

Here’s some info on how to make the floral hoops.

  • Those white hoops are small hula hoops from the Dollar Store with two coats of white spray paint. Yes, only $2 plus the white spray paint that I already had. I went this route for the hoop thickness and color. The only problem I had was if I weren’t careful, the paint would scratch off when it touched hard surfaces. You can also get metal hoops in varying sizes (ones I saw at Hobby Lobby were thinner, silver and ranged from $1-5 each) or wood embroidery hoops from a craft store.
  • Buy floral wire (thin green wire), wire cutters, greenery, and a mix of coordinating flowers. For the greenery and flowers, I got eight stems of greenery for $2 each at Central Market and two prepared bouquets from Whole Foods for $9 each. I got the bouquets because Central Market didn’t have the flowers I wanted, but the bouquets were good because I didn’t need to think about what flowers would go together and they were cheaper than piecing bouquets together myself.
  • Sketch out your loop design or lay out your flowers to get a feel for the desired finished look. For my hoops, I knew I wanted the greenery to open out on the ends and for the big Gerbera daisies to be the focal point. The roses and berries were complementary.
  • Start with the greenery and wire each piece strategically onto the hoop, layering on top of each other. I started wiring the outer pieces and moved in to the center with the flowers. You may need to use glue dots to help hold pieces in place. I used it in two spots to cover up the white hoop with leaves.
  • Stick the hoops to the wall with plastic hooks with adhesive on the back and glue dots or hang them with clear fishing line.
  • Altogether, this project cost $38 plus the white spray paint, floral wire and wire cutters that I already had. Your big cost will be the flowers and depends on the kind of flower. A $4 carnation bunch from HEB could look just as nice. My flowers were from Central Market and Whole Foods. I also hear Trader Joe’s has a good flower selection. You could also make this with fake flowers, which cost an average $3-5 per stem at a craft store.

Baby Shower DIY Floral Hoop | Fearless Captivations

Our DIY craft was decorating onesies  (link is a great onesie pack on Amazon) and bibs for the future babe. Everyone did a great job with these! The drying racks came in very handy. The Hello World onesie was mine!

Baby Shower DIY Onesie Table | Fearless Captivations

Baby Shower Drying Onesie | Fearless Captivations

Baby Shower DIY Onesie Craft | Fearless Captivations

Baby Shower DIY Bibs | Fearless Captivations

Baby Shower DIY Onesies | Fearless Captivations

We also had guests fill out two different cards – one of baby predictions (things like height, weight) and another of wishes for the baby (things like “I hope you learn ___”). Sarah’s friend Cristina put these cute cards together and created this impressive diaper cake.

Baby Shower Diaper Cake | Fearless Captivations

Cristina also created this pretty birthdate calendar that we all put our birthdate predictions on. I’ve guessed Baby Girl will be an early bird! It’ll be fun to see if anyone guessed correctly.

Baby Shower Birthdate Calendar | Fearless Captivations

We played Pictionary using words associated with babies, like spit up and breast pump, but with a room full of moms, this game was a piece of cake!

Baby Shower Pictionary | Fearless Captivations

There was gift opening that resulted in a lot of agreeing nods when another box of baby bottles appeared and oos and ahhs when adorable watermelon outfits and hand-knitted blankets were unwrapped.

Baby Shower Gift Opening | Fearless Captivations

Guests didn’t leave empty-handed. These bags of popcorn (choice of Dill Pickle, Cheddar or Caramel) from Austin company Cornucopia were the perfect size. I added the printed labels to the bag for a personalized touch.

Baby Shower Party Favors | Fearless Captivations

It was a wonderful afternoon celebrating Sarah and her babe. We can’t wait to meet the sweet little girl!

Sarah with her party hostesses

Sarah with her party hostesses

Have you ever been to a baby shower? What was your favorite part?

I’m on a mission to throw 12 celebrations in 2016. This is #6 of 12. See all of #Celebrations2016 here!

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  • Sarah

    I loved the bagel bar, decor, and activities! I’m still enjoying the floral hoops several days later. 🙂