Flavors of the Month: May 2015

June 5, 2015

In May, I got to try a few new restaurants, including Alcomar, Sala & Betty, Shake Shack and Chi’Lantro’s new brick-and-mortar. I also visited a few I’ve enjoyed: Crawfish Shack, Ramen Tatsu-ya, Chang Thai and Pinthouse Pizza. Take a look.

Fork and Vine Carrot Cake | Fearless CaptivationsCarrot Cake Dessert at Fork & Vine
I went to happy hour with some lovely Yelpers and enjoyed this decadent carrot cake with cream cheese ice cream. I ate the whole thing and barely exhaled. It was the right mix of cold, hot, crunch and cake on the plate. Four out of six ladies at our table had the gouda mac and cheese and raved about it. They also have an impressive wine selection.

Crawfish Shack  | Fearless Captivation

Crawfish at Crawfish Shack & Oyster Bar
Hooray for crawfish season! I love the crawfish at Crawfish Shack & Oyster Bar because it’s drenched in butter sauce. Two pounds makes me nice and happy. I also learned that drinking beer while eating crawfish is a necessity.

Ramen Tatsu-ya  | Fearless Captivation

Tonkotsu Original and Sweet and Sour Yoda at Ramen Tatsu-ya
I love ramen and the Tonkotsu Original does it simple and right. The Brussels sprouts (aptly named sweet and sour yodas) are fried and tossed with apricot vinegar and curry spice, which gives them the perfect explosion of sweet and sour flavors. Also, their new south location is smartly designed.

Shake Shack Austin | Fearless CaptivationShackBurger, crinkle cut fries, caramel walnut cake frozen custard and strawberry lemonade at Shake Shack
Shake Shack has arrived! And it is so tasty. SO tasty that I ordered one of everything. SO tasty that I exclaimed “isn’t this tasty?!” to my dinner mate. SO tasty that my dinner mate got back in line before the crowds came to get more to go. SO tasty that I have to remind myself that there are consequences in devouring ShackBurgers every day. What an honor it is for Austin to get a Shake Shack. We are so grateful.

Sala and Betty Austin Quail | Fearless CaptivationDinner at Sala & Betty
This cool cat of a restaurant called Sala & Betty opened in central Austin recently. We started with the hit mushroom “meat” balls with spaghetti squash, herb oil and mushroom creme. We also had the gnocchi but agreed the mushroomballs were better. I really enjoyed the Quail with mustard green gratin, pumpernickel crumbs, and white bean puree. Boyfriend gave approval for his fried chicken and no biscuit (he opted out of it). Here I also discovered my current favorite beer made in Magnolia, Texas: The Lone Pint Brewery’s Yellow Rose. This restaurant is a great, cute spot to pop in if you’re in the neighborhood.

Anjore Samosa | Fearless CaptivationSamosa from Anjore
I first heard about Anjore because they won an Austin Food & Wine Alliance culinary grant to grow their business. The business hosts supper clubs around town and sells products at farmer’s markets. I stumbled upon them at a farmer’s market and this vegetarian samosa snack was filled with mysterious goodness.

Chang Thai | Fearless CaptivationBasil Eggplant Stir-Fry at Chang Thai
This Thai restaurant is in a strip mall next to Wal-Mart but that fact doesn’t discredit how good it is! Wanting something healthier, I ordered this stir-fry with basil, eggplant, tofu, bell peppers, and onions that ended up being a two-meal plate. I love the colors on the plate!

Chi'lantro | Fearless CaptivationK-Pops and Tacos at Chi’Lantro
K-Pops (Korean fried chicken wings). They are a must-order when you come here. We got ours half with gangnam sauce and half with honey butter sauce. I was slightly disappointed by my ribeye bulgogi tacos but I hear the burger is worth ordering so I’ll go that way next visit. I didn’t have their Original Kimchi Fries this time, but I’ve had them in the past and they are very tasty.

Alcomar Sea Scallops  | Fearless CaptivationDinner at Alcomar
Mariscos y mas! Seafood paradise. I’ve heard a lot about Alcomar so I had to see for myself. We started with the Snapper Ceviche (boyfriend’s favorite) and Crispy Oysters and Shrimp (my favorite). I will rave about the entree I had! Sea Scallop Veracruzana. The scallops were incredibly smooth, fresh and perfectly cooked. The grilled asparagus was a nice touch of greens on the plate. I am a big fan of the accompanying cauliflower flan. It was flavorful and if you love cauliflower, you will love it!

Not pictured because sometimes I am too hungry to wait the extra 15 seconds to take a photo:

Pinthouse Pizza
Pinthouse Pizza is a consistently stellar restaurant and their pizza never disappoints. In fact, the only disappointment is when I’m holding my stomach on the way back to the car thinking, “why was it so perfect that I couldn’t stop eating?!” If you like pizza and beer, this is your go-to.

Tell me: what amazing meals have you had lately?

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