MJ & Peter’s Love-Filled Austin Wedding Reception

May 21, 2015

Wedding Reception Table

After getting married at San Francisco City Hall on April 1st, my friends MJ and Peter went on a wedding tour to celebrate with family in Korea and Taiwan before making their way back to Austin for a final wedding celebration. It was a night of delicious food, fun shenanigans and lots of love.

A few years ago, some mutual friends started a cookbook book club. We would decide on a cookbook and each person would make and bring a dish from it. The feasts were very fun but short-lived since our group of ladies have full schedules of awesome activities and had trouble finding dates that would work. It wasn’t a total loss because I met MJ and we continued to grow our friendship – brunching together, traveling to Greece together, and planning her Austin wedding reception together. While she and Peter have given me lots of credit for the planning, the truth is I merely gave my two cents and moved the planning along. All the beautiful details you see here are the hard work of MJ and Peter!

MJ found this sweet poster by Super Rural that served as their guestbook. She also printed photos of her and Peter’s travels to decorate the table.

The gorgeous floral centerpiece is a collaboration between MJ and Central Market. They did a great job creating a bouquet from the flowers MJ suggested.

Thinking about the name cards, we thought it would be cute to have photos instead of names. MJ printed everyone’s Facebook profile photo and she and Peter cut and painted these wooden cubes to fit the photos. These fun place cards were a hit and a good pop of color on the tables. A frame on the welcome table also had the photos for guests to find their table number.

Planning a dinner and event with a restaurant was an experience we all learned a lot from, and the dinner itself was wonderful. We enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and a four-course meal at Parkside. Note the event hashtag on the menu!

Wedding Parkside Menu

During dessert, MJ and Peter gave a presentation filled with photos and stories of how they met (on Twitter!), how their relationship progressed, how Peter proposed, how they got married and how their Asia wedding tour went. They also showed the video of their touching City Hall wedding. Lots of teary eyes after this!

Wedding Reception Tables

Peter is a pro and published photographer and had the gear for a photobooth. MJ thought of this bright and fun backdrop for the photobooth. The photos turned out great!

For party favors, their good friends and owners of Polkadots Cupcake Factory packaged blue and pink macarons for everyone.

The night ended with a walk through and drinks around downtown and lots of well wishes for the newly married couple. It was a memorable night and I was honored to be a part of it. Hooray for love!

As noted, photos in this post are by Peter Tsai Photography, Follow My Story Photography, and myself.

One of my goals this year is to throw 12 celebrations. This is #7 of 12. These are big and small parties for any occasion with the goal of planning and executing something fun. See all the celebrations here.

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  • This was such a fun night! Loved the printed photos. I use the wooden blocks as photo holders.

    • I love the photos too. BF and I exchanged ours and put them in our wallets. Haha! I liked the coordinating colors of the blocks!

  • MJ

    Love it! Thank you for capturing the night and for all your help! Now we have somewhere to look back on and relive the memories~^^ I really, really like the new look for your blog. It’s an inspiration for me to start blogging again!

    • My pleasure! It was such a lovely night. <3

      Thanks! Yes, start blogging again! You have lots of interesting things to share.