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Visiting the State Fair of Texas

October 14, 2013


When I was a student from elementary to high school in Dallas, we celebrated Columbus Day as Fair Day since the day coincided with the season the fair was open and students were given free admission tickets. I have lots of good memories of my family going to the fair together. After high school, trips to the fair became a tradition because the UT-OU football game was held at the Cotton Bowl during fair season. I was so excited to go this year and had so much fun!

Here are some things you have to look forward to at the State Fair of Texas. 

1. Watch the UT-OU Red River Rivalry game
This year, UT pulled out a big win and it was so exciting to see it!


2. Ride the gigantic ferris wheel or at least admire its majestic structure
We didn’t ride it since there was a long line and we were so ready to leave after an exhausting day, but it was cool to look up from the base and admire it.

3. Jump in Cars at the Auto Show
I’ll admit – I’ve always teased the thought of driving a humongous truck. Blame it on a Texan stereotype, my frequent country music listening, or jumping into trucks at the State Fair Auto Show every year as a kid, but it’s funny to imagine me driving a big truck. So, of course, a trip to the fair means looking at the shiny, beautiful new trucks and cars at the auto shows. I mostly paid attention to the new Chevy Silverado and the new Fiats.


4. Say Hello to Big Tex
With a crisp white button up and beautiful new boots, Big Tex is new and improved this year after a sad, fiery demise last year. Still a little creepy looking and possibly related to the Elf on the Shelf, Big Tex is the iconic symbol of the Texas State Fair.

fair25. Admire the Ribbon-Winning Creations
The Creative Arts building houses all the ribbon winners this year for everything from pickled veggies to Lego displays to photography. This year it also houses the world’s largest butter sculpture, weighing in at 2 tons!

6. Devour a Large Amount of Fried Food
Fried food is in abundance at the fair. You’ve got your typical funnel cake and Fletcher’s corny dog, but the State Fair of Texas takes it to the next level with its fried food competition. It might take some work tracking down where the specific stalls are but it’s worth it!


My favorite: Fried King Ranch Casserole


Fried Cuban Roll


Funnel Cake


Fletcher’s Corny Dog

Fried Millionaire Pie

Fried Millionaire Pie

7. Gush at Baby Animals
What is it about baby animals that just makes you want to stand there and say awwwwwww? The fair had all kinds of animals on display – goats, piglets, chicks, ducks, llamas, emus, etc. They even had piglet races, which was just adorable.



Have you been to a state fair? What’s your favorite thing to do?

This post is sponsored by Chevy Silverado, but this recap and my thoughts on wanting to drive a big truck are straight from me.

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  • My favorite part was the fried nutella and the super sugary pulpy lemonade.

    • Anita

      So bummed I didn’t try the fried nutella! I loved the frozen lemonade we had though. It was basically a lemonade slushie!