Flavors of the Month: June 2015

Adelbert's Brewery Austin Beer

June was filled with trying flavors at new restaurants, including El Alma, LaV, The Hollow, VOX Table, Adelbert's Brewery, and Ramen Fukuya. Tacos at El Alma I've been very impressed by El Alma's dishes at several food events in the last year and it's been on my list to try. I finally made it there and tried the fish and veggie tacos, guacamole and Sangria Blanca. June Brunch Club Our monthly brunch club enjoyed a wonderful and tasty meeting in June. The dishes included my ... Read more

Captivations v.12

Austin Texas Scuba Toms SSI

Here's what's captivating me lately... #LoveWins What a day we had on Friday, June 26, 2015! The Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in all 50 states and it broke the Internet and caused many happy tears. I'm happy that people committed in love can officially show the world and have the same rights. "Our love is real" is what the first couple in my county said when they got married on Friday. I hope no couple in love ever has to feel that their love is not legitimate ever ... Read more

The Truth About Bloggers and Blog Content


Earlier this year I went to a restaurant recommended by a popular food blogger and I ended up strongly disliking the food. I left that experience bummed that I had spent $24 on an awful meal, gave an awful experience to a friend that had joined me, and believed this blogger's raving comments. I began thinking about the way we consume media and trust recommendations. From my experience working with bloggers and being a blogger, here's some truth. Bloggers will rarely post about something they ... Read more

Fearless Wanderlust v.3 – June 2015

Fearless Wanderlust | Happiness | Fearless Captivations

You can never get enough wanderlust inspiration. The monthly feature Fearless Wanderlust will include recent travel news, articles and inspiration to encourage you to put more travel adventure in your life! Check out this month's version. Top 25 Cities in the World Readers voted on the top cities in the world. I've only gone to 5. How many have you visited? Which do you most want to visit? Americans Need to Take More Vacations These interesting charts show how much vacation Americans ... Read more

DIY Cupcake Stand Party with Brit + Co and Lay’s Wavy

DIY Cupcake Stand Party | Fearless Captivations | Brit + Co | Lays Wavy Finished Product

What's better than crafting a super cute cupcake stand? Crafting it with some awesome people in a super cute bakery! Brit + Co and Lay's Wavy sent these DIY cupcake stand kits and chip snacks. To go along with the craft, Bribery Bakery was the perfect setting. Only a few months old, the bakery delights with all of its scrumptious treats and cute environment. We enjoyed their Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Ganache, Red Velvet Cupcakes, and my favorite - the Pineapple Brown Butter ... Read more

My Favorite Childhood Family Vacation: Alaskan Cruise

Fearless Captivations Childhood Family Vacation Alaskan Cruise

My childhood summer vacations ignited my love of travel, so I have many fond memories of our trips. As my two brothers and I got to elementary age, our family began taking a break from "normal" life to get away and see the world. I'm entirely thankful that my parents took the time off and invested in these trips. The experiences enriched our childhoods by showing us something different than the bubble where we lived and the routine we lived in. The destination of our trips was usually chosen by ... Read more

My Favorite Austin, Texas Restaurants

Austin Texas Best Brunch Restaurants

'Where should I go to eat' and 'what are your favorite restaurants in Austin' are two of the hardest questions I get because there is so much good food and it depends on many factors (i.e. in what part of town, what cuisine, etc.). I've compiled my master list of my favorite restaurants in Austin. (See a map of the locations at the bottom of this page.) Some notes: -I've visited the restaurants listed below at least twice and many are my go-tos/most-visited when I'm out and about. There ... Read more

How to Find Adventure in Everyday Life

Finding Adventure in Everyday Life | Fearless Captivations copy

When I say adventure, what do you think of? Bungee jumping in New Zealand? Eating pig brains in Spain? Getting lost in a French neighborhood? Taking a year-long trip around the world? Those activities and situations are definitely adventurous but I believe adventure is more easily found and less "glamorous" than we make it. Adventure is unusual and exciting experiences and activities and exploring unknown territories. With that definition, you can count many things as adventure. ... Read more

Flavors of the Month: May 2015

Shake Shack Austin | Fearless Captivation

In May, I got to try a few new restaurants, including Alcomar, Sala & Betty, Shake Shack and Chi'Lantro's new brick-and-mortar. I also visited a few I've enjoyed: Crawfish Shack, Ramen Tatsu-ya, Chang Thai and Pinthouse Pizza. Take a look. ... Read more

Captivations v.11

Brush Calligraphy Lettering | Fearless Captivations

There were lots of creativity happening this May! Here are my captivations lately. Brush Lettering Class My friend MJ and I took a brush lettering class with Mint and Maple and it was lots of fun learning the techniques. I can't wait to start practicing and creating more. ... Read more