Captivations v.13

Here are my captivations lately... I jumped out of a plane (again)! My friends and I got together 4th of July weekend to jump out of a plane (me and two others for our second time, two for their first time). The jump was more fun than the first time because I knew what to expect and I felt like I was able to take it all in better. I was surprisingly not nervous except for a few moments in the plane and the first moment flipping out of the plane. I would recommend the experience to all you ... Read more

Fearless Wanderlust v.4 – July 2015

Fearless Wanderlust | Make a Life | Fearless Captivations

You can never get enough wanderlust inspiration. The monthly feature Fearless Wanderlust will include recent travel news, articles and inspiration to encourage you to put more travel adventure in your life! Check out this month's version. Why Book Directly with a Hotel I was third-party reliant before I started working in a hotel. Snagging $60-80 room nights for 4-star hotels on Priceline or Expedia felt like big wins. Then I learned these online travel agencies (OTAs) didn't always have the ... Read more

Chicago Travel Guide

Chicago Cloud Gate Travel

Now that you're convinced there are many sights to see and restaurants to eat at in Chicago, let's talk about the logistics. Read on for tips on how to get around the city and what you should think about when planning your trip. WEATHER The most important thing to think about when visiting Chicago is the weather. Anytime except winter would be your best bet. Chicago's winter snow is lovely but it could turn into Snowpoloypse, which can cause flight delays and activity closures. Many of ... Read more

Top 8 Things to Do in Chicago

Chicago Sky

There is more to do in Chicago than eat, though you will be enjoying a lot of that activity. Chicago is a beautiful city full of magnificent architecture, a plethora of art and a variety of activities for different interests. The city comes alive in the summer and attractions are filled with tourists and families enjoying summer vacation. When planning activities, think about the crowds and plan to go early or expect waits at attractions. 1. Cloud Gate and Millennium Park One of the most ... Read more

Eating and Drinking in Chicago: Favorite Chicago Restaurants

Portillo's Chicago Hot Dog

If you love good food, travel to Chicago for a visit. The city is filled with amazing, fan-favorite, and award-winning restaurants. You can dine as extravagant as one of the best restaurants in the world (Alinea) or as simple as a Chicago dog at a local chain. The options are endless. For our trip to Chicago, we went with a list and a plan. While we weren't able to go to all of the places on our list, we enjoyed every restaurant we went to and have plenty of options for a next visit to ... Read more

Taylor Swift: 1989 World Tour in Chicago

Taylor Swift 1989 Tour Chicago

Taylor Swift. Award-winning and record-breaking singer, songwriter and performer. Inspiration for #RelationshipGoals. Hostess with the Mostess. Filler of concert stadiums. Baking enthusiast. Seemingly genuinely nice person who likes to surprise and delight fans. Cat-lover and possibly obsessed. Friend to many, including celebrities. The youngest person to make Forbes “100 Most Powerful Women” list. Style-maker. Game-changing voice in protecting her art. A net worth of $200 million. Influencer ... Read more

Perfecting Avocado Toast (Brunch Club Recap + How-To)

Totes Toast Avocado Toast

In early 2014, the artisanal toast trend showed up on restaurant menus and made headlines. People were baffled about how restaurants were making a slice of warmed and browned bread gourmet and selling it for up to $8. “Those hipsters from San Francisco,” they chuckled. They were on to something though. Chances are, you grew up on peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese for lunch. As a carb-lover myself, I love toasted bread topped with ingredients like almond butter and banana or almond butter ... Read more

Stress-Free Party Etiquette/Tips for Hosts

Party Etiquette for Hosts | Fearless Captivations

In my experience and observation of attending and hosting events, I've learned a few dos and don'ts for hosts and guests that I'll share. In other words, I'm sharing all my headaches so you don't have to experience them! Be a spectacular host or guest by practicing ideal party etiquette. These are general guidelines, so they can and must be adjusted with different celebrations - from a large, formal wedding to an small, intimate baby shower. First up, let's talk about how to be the hostess with ... Read more

Austin Adventures: Lake Travis Zipline Adventures

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures Zip

One of the adventurous gems we have in Austin is the Lake Travis Zipline Adventures. It features the longest zipline in Texas and five different zip lines from 250 to 2800 feet long. Depending on your weight, you can go up to 70 miles per hour. We were able to see the beautiful Lake Travis and Hill Country in a fun way. Here are some things you should know: Try to book the earliest tour possible (8:30 a.m.) since it gets warm out there. Each tour includes 12 participants at most ... Read more

Flavors of the Month: June 2015

Adelbert's Brewery Austin Beer

June was filled with trying flavors at new restaurants, including El Alma, LaV, The Hollow, VOX Table, Adelbert's Brewery, and Ramen Fukuya. Tacos at El Alma I've been very impressed by El Alma's dishes at several food events in the last year and it's been on my list to try. I finally made it there and tried the fish and veggie tacos, guacamole and Sangria Blanca. June Brunch Club Our monthly brunch club enjoyed a wonderful and tasty meeting in June. The dishes included my ... Read more