Eating and Drinking Through Spain


One of the best things about Spain was the food. If you’re a wanderlusting food-lover, Spain is the place to go. I traveled with the most food-enthusiastic and food-adventurous people I know, so you bet every meal was an ambitious effort to try something new, different and top-notch.

As any country, Spain has traditional dishes unique to the country. Tapas (small plates) are popular and ordering a few tapas to share satisfied our group of four on more than one occasion. A few restaurants had the traditional counter-top tapas, giving you the option to take and pay by the bite, which was like a crostini with your choice of toppings. Other restaurants were small servings of dishes, providing an easy way to order several to try. Continue reading

Cooking Through the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook


With the wealth of recipes available on the Internet, using a cookbook wasn’t a regular activity for me. Many would agree, it’s much easier to find a recipe or use a combination of recipes online that fit your time limit, serving size, and available ingredients instead of making do with a recipe in front of you. What I didn’t expect when I started this goal of cooking through a cookbook was how rewarding it would be.

In November 2012, Deb Perelman of the blog Smitten Kitchen came to Austin for her new cookbook tour. My friend Rochelle, being a big fan of the blog, invited me to hear her speak and we ended up getting new, signed cookbooks. I’ve had cookbooks before but they are mostly focused on cupcakes and baking. They also collect dust on my bookshelf. With this new cookbook and the desire to expand my cooking skills, I set out to make all the recipes in 2013. Spoiler alert: to date, I’ve completed 59 out of 105 recipes.  Continue reading