10 Efficient Packing Tips for Travelers

Packing Tips

Packing for a trip drives me crazy sometimes. I want to be ready for everything, so sometimes I overpack. I’ve compiled a handy list of packing tips – from my packing experience and tips I’ve found – to help you pack more effectively and quicker. I’ve also created a free packing list PDF to help you pack more efficiently. See the bottom of this post to download it!

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10 Companies’ SXSW Event Branding Features

Phew! SXSW 2015 has come and gone. Did you make it through?! One of my favorite things about SXSW is seeing all the ways companies present their brand. There were a lot of great, eye-catching ideas throughout the festival and I decided to compile some here. These ideas are good to keep in mind when you’re planning your next company event or any social event where you want a cohesive look and feel. Some of these ideas are not only pretty to look at but they are engaging, which to me is a step up from being Instagram-able. Take a look!

1. Hulu: logo, inspiration
At Hulu’s event, they made sure to have an attractive, picture-worthy set-up. Though I was a little confused why this pretty feature was tucked away behind a bar instead of in a prime spot for photos.

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Confetti-Themed DIY Garland Party

Confetti DIY Garland Party

I love Brit + Co because their website has so many creative and fun DIY and party ideas. I was excited that Brit + Co and Scotch provided me these awesome kits filled with cool Scotch products to throw a DIY garland party. I decided to go with a confetti theme and we DIY-ed some really cute garlands. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon with lovely ladies. Take a look! Continue reading

Captivations v.8

February was a month of lots of love, productivity and fun. Here are some of my captivations this month.

Valentine Cards

Some of the Valentine’s cards I made this year. They included photo strips I made through Artifact Uprising.

Valentine’s Day
My Valentine and I celebrated well! I loved the gorgeous bouquet waiting for me in my office on Friday morning. We enjoyed dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant and celebrated a friend’s birthday. I made creme brulee (his favorite) for the first time. We dressed up as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum for an Alice in Wonderland tea party. Continue reading