Captivations v.14

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Time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve passed the mid-way point of the year, we’re finishing up summer and we’re full speed ahead into the last four months of the year. Here are my captivations lately. Peaches I’ve been eating peaches non-stop this summer! It’s such a refreshing fruit. If you missed it, check out my Peach Salad Recipe and Peach and Tomato Gazpacho Recipe. Our Social Media Lives Are Awesome! It’s true. And that’s why it causes everyone else and maybe even yourself a lot ... Read more

Football Party Food Ideas

Football Party Food Ideas

Football season starts next weekend! YAY! The Texas Longhorns start their season on September 5th and the NFL officially starts the season the following weekend. While I’m definitely not a sports expert, I love the enthusiasm and exciting games, especially football. I’m hoping to make it to at least one Longhorns game this season and I’ll be going to Jerry World for the first time to see my hometown team, the Dallas Cowboys, play. (Yes, I’m checking seeing a NFL game in-person off my life list!) ... Read more

DIY Marbling-Themed Party


It's been a while since I've thrown a DIY party, so what other solution is there besides throwing a party?! Marble is a popular aesthetic, especially with photographers. The marbling look is fun and creative because each piece is never the same and you can get lost in its effortless blending. DIY marbling crafts are not only fun to make but they're relatively easy to do and the results are elegant and so pleasing to the eye. Throughout preparing for the party and making our craft, we kept ... Read more

Fearless Wanderlust v.5 – August 2015

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You can never get enough wanderlust inspiration. The monthly feature Fearless Wanderlust will include recent travel news, articles and inspiration to encourage you to put more travel adventure in your life! Check out this month’s version. Top 10 Dream Trips TripAdvisor published a list of dream trips voted on by their community and it's right on point. I've done #3 - admire the sunset over Santorini and have definitely talked about seeing the Northern Lights, hiking to Machu Picchu, and ... Read more

4 Minimalist Rules for Mindful Owning and Buying

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I tore my place apart this week. I started with cleaning out my closet, taking out clothes I haven't worn in more than a year and pieces almost nine years old that are waiting to be trendy again. That started a firestorm, leading me to pull stuff from here and there in a scatterbrained manner until the floor of my room was covered in piles of donate, keep and trash. It’s amazing the amount of stuff I accumulated in nine years. I wouldn’t call myself a packrat or hoarder but a sensible human ... Read more

15 Best Annual Culinary Events in Austin, Texas

Live Fire Event Austin Texas

Austin is a foodie's paradise. The city's vibrant culinary community is fueled by talented chefs, a giving and enthusiastic community, good festival weather, and a love of events. Culinary events fill foodies' social calendars year-round in addition to restaurant openings and are a great way to meet chefs and try new restaurants. Many are "sip and stroll," which includes trying samples at each participating restaurant's booth. Unfortunately, these events also come with a price tag and your bank ... Read more

Peach and Tomato Gazpacho

Peach and Tomato Gazpacho | Fearless Captivations

I couldn't have had a more perfect first experience tasting gazpacho than I did in Spain two years ago. A traditional Spanish dish, the cold vegetable soup was a refreshing and energizing treat after long days of exploring a city or too many meals of tasty but heavy protein-focused dishes. It was simple yet powerful that hot summer and will always remind me of my special trip and all the amazing food I enjoyed. I was thinking about the Spanish gazpachos I loved at the same time I was ... Read more

Peach Salad with Spinach, Tomatoes, Feta, and Pecans

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I love peaches and I’ve been reveling in peach season. I usually eat them raw and sliced, so I wanted to get creative and share some new, fuller ways I’m enjoying the stone fruit. Today, I’m sharing a peach salad. As you might remember from my year-long Smitten Kitchen project, salads are not my favorite food category. They’re “simple” to make – toss some ingredients and drizzle with dressing – but requires the right ingredients to make it truly a wow dish. It helps to start with a wow ... Read more

7 Tips to be a Wonderful Event Guest

Friends on the phone, posing for this photo at Friendsgiving!

I’ve seen some horrible guest etiquette in the past that made me cringe. It includes a guest thinking she could go ahead and cut herself a slice of the wedding cake before the official cutting and guests helping themselves to the dessert bar before dinner was served. Thankfully, someone stopped the woman before she sliced the cake and the guests eventually stopped munching. Don’t become a horror story other guests tell later! To follow up my post about ideal host etiquette, here are some dos and ... Read more

Flavors of the Month: July 2015

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July was filled with homemade dishes, trying 40 North and Wu Chow, eating in Chicago and some picture-pretty ice cream. Homemade Cherry Pie While this Fourth of July pie didn’t get made until the very end of the full weekend, it was eaten within days. I thought I wasn’t a fan of cherry pie but the sweet, ripe cherries made it perfect. It was a store-bought crust but the cherry filling was pitted and made by hand and spoon. Margherita and Kale Pizzas at 40 North The new edition of the ... Read more