Gifts that Give Back


Gift giving is sometimes difficult for me. I have trouble picking gifts out on a deadline and think a lot about the usefulness of the gift and if the person will really want it. That’s why I like the following options. Not only will they wow the receiver because they’re cool products, but they also do good and provide for those in need. There’s a thoughtful gift for everyone on your list. Continue reading

Pink & Gold Birthday Brunch Party


Last year, I threw a brunch party for my birthday because birthdays and brunch go together like orange juice and champagne.

It was a low-key event and we spent hours eating brunch foods, indulging in desserts and talking about everything under the sun. I don’t remember the topics exactly, but I remember us all thinking we had a strange range of interesting topics. Here are a few glimpses. Continue reading

Barcelona: My Favorite City in Spain


I went to Spain this past June, and there is so much to share about my trip. Spain had been at the top of my travel list for about 10 years, ever since my six years of Spanish classes in junior high and high school and learning so much about the language and culture. So, when some friends mentioned they were beginning to plan a trip, I thought, why not?! Six months later, we were there!

Two weeks, 9 cities, 7 cathedrals, 4 museums, 3 castles and much, much more is hard to condense. There were so many great sights. If it were only unstrung words, I’d say unforgettable, incredible, exhausting, revealing, humbling, and eye-opening. Continue reading

Popsicle Party

Popsicle InviteIn the sweet summertime, my consumption of popsicles increases by a lot, as it should. It’s probably because of that summer I spent as a nanny, eating a popsicle with the kids every day after the pool. Or because Texas is so darn hot in the summer. Like most things I really like, I try to share it with people, which lead to my popsicle party idea. The idea really took off when I won a party catered by GoodPop, a Texas company that makes all-natural, organic frozen pops. Continue reading