MJ & Peter’s Love-Filled Austin Wedding Reception


After getting married at San Francisco City Hall on April 1st, my friends MJ and Peter went on a wedding tour to celebrate with family in Korea and Taiwan before making their way back to Austin for a final wedding celebration. It was a night of delicious food, fun shenanigans and lots of love. ... Read more

Pineapple Party

Pineapple Party Floral Centerpiece

There’s something about the pineapple. Maybe it’s the unique look or the way it reminds me of enjoying pineapple drinks on a tropical beach. With the growing enthusiasm in pineapple-themed parties and pineapple goods, pineapples are having its 15 minutes of fame and I am happy to indulge. My friend Rochelle and I put on our own pineapple party at her place in Dallas. It was a tasty and fun afternoon of eating good food, catching up with friends and crafting together. ... Read more

Camp Campbell Event + 6 Tips for Dinner Party Success

Camp Campbell

Becoming a leader is no easy task. That’s why Denise Morrison, the CEO and President of Campbell’s, created Camp Campbell, a program that is empowering the next generation of female leaders by inspiring thought leadership and fostering creative collaboration. Last month, I had the opportunity to launch Camp Campbell’s Austin chapter by participating in an engaging discussion during a family-style dinner with a group of smart Austin ladies, Denise Morrison, Dave Stangis (VP CSR and Public ... Read more

Ombre Brunch Club


My friends Ashley, Linda, MJ and I started a monthly brunch club this year where we potluck yummy brunch foods and take turns hosting. You may have seen photos in my January and February flavors posts or read Linda's full recaps on her blog. After a two-month hiatus, we were back with some good eats for May! I decided to decorate with a subtle ombre theme. ... Read more

Authenticity Behind Social Media’s Filters


ESPN published a very heart-breaking story about a girl named Madison Holleran yesterday. She was a very loved, beautiful college track star, struggling with depression, though it didn't get to an official prognosis. Nineteen-year-old Madison jumped off the ninth level of a parking garage on Jan. 17, 2014. While I think what she was feeling was deeper than pressure from social media, the story centered around the evidence that the ideal personas and edited versions of our lives that we ... Read more

Flavors of the Month: April 2015

Homemade Watermelon Juice and Salad

Lots and lots and lots of great flavors in April! Enjoy! Homemade Watermelon Juice, Avocado and Cucumber Tomato Salad with Plantains Early in the month, boyfriend and I longed for Costa Rica. So, we he created a superb, snacky lunch that reminded us of vacation. I juiced a watermelon and he put it in a container and shook it up with some chopped basil. He cut up avocado and salted it. He made this magical cucumber, tomato, and a bit of onion combination that was simply dressed with olive ... Read more

Captivations v.10

Make it Sweet Cake Balls

It's been a fun month full of crafts and good food but it also included reminders of the heaviness in the world. Here are my captivations lately. Pretty, Pretty Cake Balls A cake ball class was such a good idea for a girls night and we had fun struggling and ooing and ahhing together. What do you think about the end product? Legit looking, right?! ... Read more

Favorite Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

Mother's Day Brunch Idea Collage

Mother's Day is a fun celebration day because it honors some hard-working women and the day almost begs to be celebrated with brunch. If your mom is like mine, she loves pretty, colorful flowers and good food. Here are my favorite ideas that will dazzle mom. And, of course, these beautiful ideas are perfect for any girly brunch event such as a bridal shower. Enjoy! 1. Gorgeous table runner that matches the blooms. 2. I love strawberry butter on croissants. Here's an easy way to make it. 3. ... Read more

7 Simple Tips to Throw a Festive Party

For one girls' brunch, we made flower crowns. They may have gotten out of hand.

The great thing about throwing a party is that it can be as simple or extravagant as you want it to be. By definition, a party is a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking and entertainment. This includes a weeknight dinner or a bigger event like a wedding or gala. With a few little details, you can delight your guests and take your event to another level. Here are seven tips for you to throw a festive party. ... Read more

Fearless Wanderlust v.1


You can never get enough wanderlust inspiration, so I'm bringing a new monthly travel feature to the blog called Fearless Wanderlust. It will include recent travel news, articles and inspiration to encourage you to put more adventure in your life! Check out this month's version. Best Credit Card for Travelers Chris Guillebeau's website is full of great information about unconventional people doing remarkable things. Chris is an author, creator of the World Domination Summit, and he has ... Read more